Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Another Anniversary Is Upon Us

The years - too numerous to count!
For me, a dozen roses, a watch, and a $100 winning scratch lottery ticket! 
For Tom, a watch and his tickets were all losers!  :)
( not a pretty background but running out of clear spaces in this house! )

 I had the idea to get us each our own little 6" cake from our favorite and famous dairy & bakery, Wright's Dairy Farm! He likes marble and I like yellow. I chose different colors for the roses. Oh, so good!  :)
December 10, 1966
( Yup, we're old now! )
Picture was taken at the small reception at my home in the doorway of the little telephone cubbyhole before we headed out to spend the night in Providence. The next morning we starting driving to Belleville, IL where Tom was to start serving in the Army as an MP.  We were looking around for an apartment and I started crying because I didn't like the first town we were in, (what a great start) but in Belleville we found a 3rd floor furnished apartment in a beautiful Victorian where the owners rented apartments to mostly military families stationed out of Scott AFB. 
We lived there for 18 months and moved back to RI when his service time was over.

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