Sunday, May 31, 2020

Go From Where Your Blood Came

I had this thought for a while now and today I'm going to write it  My thought and idea was and is, what if we all go back to live where our ancestors were born before someone decided to sail and land in what is now called, The United States of America?
My grandfather and before him were from England.  My other grandparents were from Poland.  So, I thought about that and how about if we all do it and leave this country where only the Native Americans belong, and go back to "where our blood came from?"
In case, like myself, we have more than one country's blood...then you get to choose which country you want to reside but are allowed to travel or live part time in both or more countries where your blood came from. 
I LOVE this idea!
Half of my Blood is from England
I chose this house in England (for now), maybe I'll find somewhere or some other house I like better, I didn't have a lot of time to look. :)  So, I belong in England at least half of my time on Earth or I can split my time with the country below from where the other half of my blood is from.
The other half of my blood is from Poland.
I have a feeling I may feel like I belong in England more than I belong in Poland but I may never know now.  It was just a fun and interesting thought. I chose the house below to live in but may want to look out where there is farmland...didn't have a lot of time to look yet.
This I know...the more I listen to the news the more I feel that this is not my America.  It's not the America I knew as a child.  People can't get along with one another.   Blood is all mixed up and babies are born and they have babies and more blood is mixed up.  Could I be on to something?  
I'm not at an age where I am able to go back to my "blood roots" but I wonder what the world would be like if everyone stayed and lived where there blood was from in the beginning.  I suppose we could all go back to the beginning of our bloodline and where would that put us?  In Egypt?  Or were we or are we from Starseed?  Maybe our souls don't have blood...just our bodies, but I am talking about us physically here, so that is for another time.
Till my next idea or thought...something to think about. (I DO love English Tudors!) 

(copyright by Nancy Shewchuk - 2020)

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