Thursday, May 28, 2020

Chairs #1, #2, #3, and #4 - Done!

Chair #1 - (Tom's chair)
We are in the process of painting our 4 metal yard & deck chairs and having lots of fun! 
I chose 4 different colors for chairs and different colors for the flowers and leaves for trim. 
(birdbath will be painted after chairs are done)
I took this where I painted it, on the deck. 
The colors really popped in the sun but are more true in the shade. The chair itself is in "Adobe Dust." The flowers are in a blue tone called, "Seacliff Heights."  The leaves are beautiful in "Leprechaun Green!" :) 

Chair #2 - (my chair)
I love this color..."Seacliff Heights" 
although it looks more grey than blue, but it works and all 3 colors are used in both chairs and compliment each other.
In its proper place
Now we can both sit outside in the front when we want to in our respective chairs! :) 
They are fun to paint and chairs #3 & #4 will be painted with trim and finished today. Yay!

Chair #3 
We can both sit here...for when I want to sit in the sun and when Tom and I are both on the deck.
"Traditional Yellow"
My favorite 3 colors!
Pale but I still like the way it turned out.
Much better than the rusty yellow we had!

Chair #4 - My Chair!
I like to sit here against the house so I can see the whole back yard as well as being in the shade.
"Frosted Rose"
Done! The deck is finished painted new and newly painted chairs front and back. We have all our flowers for the season and the fence has been painted except for one fence line. Tom's ready to paint the birdbath that is near the bushes close to  his chair. The pedestal will be painted in the  "Seacliff Heights" and top in "Leprechaun Green."

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