Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Mouth

Yup...The Mouth!
Where to begin...well, speaking from experience, everybody has one and when used improperly has the power to cause a lot of trouble.
It's what comes out of the mouth that hurts people. 
What comes out of the mouth is also music to the ears and can be the cause of much happiness, not to mention knowledge from teachers.
Let's not forget the sounds of a songbird when listening to the melodies that come from...the mouth...and throat.
(Sigh)  But I am talking about when used telling lies, used spreading gossip, ruining someone's reputation, and on social media. I chose to rid my FB page of a longtime friend because I couldn't stand the things that were coming out of her mouth - of course, in typewritten words, but nevertheless, she's gone. I learned over time that she was being insincere. Funny how you can pick up people's energies when you read what they have written. I think the word, disappointment, is called for here. I can also tell when people are sticking it to me...if you know what I mean...it feels like they're deliberately poking you in the back with a stick!  Or when they "zing" you every chance they get...why, I ask myself, do I attract this type? And they are friends.  Are they?  And this one old friend I feel I can't talk to anymore because I don't know who she is anymore.  She's not the friend I had in high school.  I reached out to her on FB - not the other way around.  That should have been a clue.  I found that all she likes to do is talk! She is on chat all the time.  I hate to chat. We messaged a lot but recently she fell off messaging me, so that ended and she started posting things that dare and guilt people to share on their page. I just don't recognize her anymore and her comments on my posts...she would exclude all of my own pictures I posted of my yard and other pretty pictures...why? Where's the support?  And so after much disappointment I couldn't stand looking at what her comments were going to be from one day to another and it made me feel awful, so I let her go.  I had to and I feel better.  She was a weight on my shoulders and I didn't like posting on FB. I also got rid of a mutual friend because I knew she would be asked where I was or why she had no access to my page. So because they became friends and chat all the time and joined at the hip, I let them both go.  I think I'm on a short string and probably will come to realize that "the mouth" on FB is not doing me any favors.  I think it can bring out the worst in people. 

I think this gets me thinking about not belonging there. What causes more trouble and hurt than enjoyment and happiness, it's the wrong place for anyone.  
Maybe I'll add more another time, but I think it's that I haven't found "my tribe" -  don't belong. And I recently read that fitting in is different than belonging.  You don't try to fit in anywhere. But to find where you belong...that's what I'm looking for and those of like minds and people who get along with each other and where no one lies and no one is jealous and no one has to stand out...you are among people you are comfortable with. How nice that would be. 
My Tribe
Or because...sometimes alone is better!

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