Monday, August 3, 2020

How I'm Celebrating My Day

It's "My Day" today and I am thankful to have a few good friends who know me and went out of their way to send me cards of my "favorite things!"
~ Cats...Flowers...Pink ~
The newest favorite things are house plants which show on the 2nd card. Uncanny!
~ Sammy ~
I lost "Sammy" July 29th from an ear disease that turned to cancer and constant bleeding which added to numerous other problems. He didn't have a chance. So, I am not happily celebrating my birthday this year but am celebrating my "Sammy" instead with memories and love that is never-ending...and house plants. I decided not to take in any more cats as it's time to put my house in order - there is much to do inside that I couldn't do with the cats I have had for the last 32 years. I have loved them all and loved caring for them but the time has come to move on. 
~ Tom Brady ~
...and today wouldn't be complete without wishing Tom a very Happy Birthday as we share the same date except for the year. I am a New Englander and a loyal fan of the New England Patriots and Tom Brady, and so even though he left to play for Tampa Bay, I still love him and wish him the best when and if they get to play this season with covid 19 all over the country!  Now I have 2 NFL teams to root for as TB12 will always be loved and admired. 
Happy Birthday, Tom!

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