Monday, August 24, 2020

Did Anyone Send Me An EMAIL?

 So, I'm not the best on the computer and after a month of messages from COX Communications that I had to take action because they couldn't send me anymore emails - I have no idea what I may have missed. 

But, today I deleted several photos from my phone thinking that was the problem, but after reading a message from COX to check sent objects and junk, etc. I opened my "sent objects" and wow....I spent a while deleting it all!  That was the problem, however, I don't know because I didn't look, if I had any recent emails from friends or others whose email I wanted to read.  I deleted everything in there.  

I sent myself two photos from my phone and they went through and no email from COX telling me I needed to take action, so I'm good.  If any of my friends from out of state or country sent me an email within the last month, please resend because I never got them. COX said in their messages that new mail will be rejected.  From now on any junk I get will go to SPAM - what pests they are.  You buy from anywhere online and they send you email 3 times a day - every day!  No SPAM they go!

That's all - I hope this will help if anyone who may have sent me an email reads this...if not they will think I ignored them and that would be sad. 

All is well...Nancy

I need a nap now!  :)

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