Sunday, November 17, 2019

Pumpkin Carving Saga - Day 2

I was looking out the living room window to see what I could see regarding the pumpkins and noticed shavings in front of a big pumpkin in front of one of the two gargoyle benches! I went out with my camera not knowing what I would find, and here it is. :)  My golf cart can be seen through the bushes parked in front of the sidewalk where yesterday's pumpkin carving still stands unchanged. :)  
A much smaller round hole makes me think that the chipmunk who lives here did this handy work! 
It's the perfect size for him to fit and gain access inside!  :) 
Each day will be an adventure, I guess for me as well as the one doing the work and eating his finds!  :)  The gargoyle below is named, "Ludwig." 
I have to add that having this new phone with a camera that takes a good quality picture is so much fun and am so happy to have it to post pictures on my blog and on FB.  Love the instant sharing it allows!  Happy Sunday!!

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