Saturday, November 16, 2019

Pumpkin Carving By Resident Squirrel

So, one or more of the squirrels who eat seeds and nuts on the deck table every day finally had an appetite for pumpkin today!  A bit late for pumpkin carving for Halloween, but amusing to say the least! :)  It was a squirrel because he was seen with his head inside the pumpkin!  Gotcha!  :) 
The eyes are perfect!!  :)  The birds will also be happy to eat the seeds, not to mention there are several and larger pumpkins in the yard, so they have their veggies for some time to come...maybe to next Thursday which is Thanksgiving Day when pumpkins are the veggie of the day to eat and used for decoration.  I will take a wild guess that there will be more pictures to come as long as the carver continues to carve!  :) 

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