Friday, September 21, 2018

John Davidson at The Harmony Lodge

His show last night was a dream come true!
It was the best night ever and he hasn't missed a beat!  It'll take time to get film developed but if I get anything good enough to post I'll do it when the time comes. Until then - John Davidson gave me everything I ever imagined! I hope he likes the gifts I created for him and his wife - it gave me great joy and he gave me one of his CD's he signed for me. What a guy!!! 
I gave John a few gifts when we met after his show and as a "thank you" he signed and gave me this CD of his. I already have all he had on a table to buy but was still happy to own another, especially an autographed one. :) That was before I offered my T-shirt to sign but he said he couldn't. :) I thought that was odd because he said he signs anything and anywhere, but I guess he has changed his view on that front. He stated he did on a You Tube video interview at a venue near Boston. I called him on it but he didn't say anything other that he couldn't. So this was what he signed and I am grateful for his generosity!
John likes to try new things and this picture is the real thing - he actually has sung on the streets in various places including San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where he lived for several years. You can find him singing at a central little park there on a You Tube video. When some of his ideas don't work he discontinues using them like the "inflatable dolls" he tried using as a gag and part of his show as his "back-up singers!" (hahaha) Truth! :) So he was without them for this show and is trying to figure out what people like and don't like. He tried to pull off a joke and song about being liberal and secular and bad mouthing the current administration without naming "his" name, but he didn't do his homework - if he had he would have known he was performing in a conservative, Republican, Christian town! :) RI may be a Democratic state but the towns differ from one to another. He noticed that was the only joke and song of the show that didn't work. Maybe next time he'll find out if his audience will appreciate it. :) One lady said she liked it...that was funny. Me...I don't mind. I was on the same page as most of it.
Thank you, John, for everything you did Thursday night!! 

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